Book Club: Anne of Green Gables

25 Apr

This is the book I own that I’ve never read. I bought it quite some time ago at Good Will. I adored this movie as a young girl. My grandma bought me the complete series of books for Christmas one year because she knew how much I loved the movie, but I just never really got into the books. I thought it was about time I read this one.

The movie version of this book is about 80% word for word out of this book. There were maybe 4 chapters that weren’t in the movie at all, but there were more details in various chapters that were left out of the movie. You definitely know Marilla more in the book. You get a better sense of her feelings toward Anne, which were very endearing. What was not endearing, was the fact that she is pretty racist in a couple of spots. The book also has a lot of wordy descriptions, which are consistent with Anne’s character, but not consistent with my reading preferences. So all in all, watch the movie and skip this book.

A side note that was kind of interesting about this book was that I read it in the sauna at the gym, and several people struck up conversation with me for reading this one. I found that pretty interesting. My next sauna read is a much more contemporary book. We’ll see if people care to engage with me about this new book.

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