Book Club: The Outsiders

19 Mar

This book fits in the category of a book published before I was born. I’ve had a couple of friends suggest this book to me multiple times, but for some reason I never picked it up. I thoroughly enjoyed it! It had more plot twists than I expected and really engaged me from beginning to end. It made me think of some really sweet kids who have been in my life over the years. I know very little of the background to this book, but my understanding is that the author wrote it when she was a kid because she didn’t think the books she was reading in school appropriately reflected the real experiences of teenagers. Just like several of the other books I read on this challenge, boy has my life experience been so vastly different from so many others. If I were to write a book about the experiences of teenagers, this is not the book I would write. Regardless, I enjoyed this book and appreciated the way issues of class are brought up in ways accessible to younger students. I can see why a lot of my 7th-graders read this when I taught middle school.

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Posted by on March 19, 2016 in Book Club


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