16 Jan

After the first month in our new house, we had at least one overnight guest for 15 nights. We also had two couples over for dinner. This was after the week of painting, ripping up carpet, laying laminate flooring, and general moving stuff. Needless to say, I’m exhausted and ready to figure out what our new normal looks like.

Despite that exhaustion, I’m extremely grateful for the sweet time I had with some amazing women who have all been in my life for at least 7 years.

First, my sweetest friend who has been here for every move. She missed actual moving day this year, but was instead here to help me make the house a home. Seriously, this girl pretty much single-handedly created my gallery wall, made cookies for my neighbors, and ran a bajillion errands with me. There are so many things I will look at in this house over the years and think fondly of this trip with her. She is such a servant, and loves my family oh so well. Oh, and there might have been matching Christmas pjs and lots of silliness as well.


Next, some dear women who are very close to my heart. I enjoy such sweet conversation with these two and was blessed that they came to me to celebrate a birthday and spend vacation time. We were old ladies and finished a puzzle, watched old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and just had sweet Gospel conversations.


And finally, women who have been in my life for a good 20 years. Mentors and family, both literally and figuratively. These two taught me so much during my formative years. It was a “work” trip for my mother-in-love, but there was certainly fun and good conversation as well.

2016-01-10 11.17.18-1


Quality time and good conversation fills my soul. Although it was a lot of work to have this steady stream of house guests, it was good. I am blessed to have each of these women playing their own unique parts of my life. I’m thankful I got to see each one of them this Christmas.

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