The Alzens Take Gray Street

28 Dec

We bought a house! Yup. We did it. We have absolutely loved living here along the Front Range in Colorado and although it isn’t a guarantee we will stay here long term after graduation, we decided it is very likely I will find a job after graduation that will allow us to remain in this area. That and real estate here is ridiculous, so we’re hoping this is just a good investment whether we stay or not. We aren’t in Boulder proper because the house prices there are ridiculous, but we’re in a close by suburb. Here are just a few of the things I love:

  1. It’s a decent driving distance from both Boulder & Denver
  2. There’s a walking path and creek out back
  3. We can walk to multiple parks
  4. It’s a nice quiet little neighborhood, but we’re 10 minutes away from pretty much anything we need/want
  5. Pretty much all of our local friends are within 20 minutes of the place
  6. It’s within walking distance of a nice little school
  7. It’s a good size–big enough to be comfortable without being overwhelming to need to clean

Now, you should know that when we first saw this house, I did not fall in love with it. In fact, when we were touring it the first time, another family came in and pretty much immediately walked back out. The MLS listing included zero interior pictures. This place needed a little love, but we put a whole lotta love in during our first month here.

We repainted most of the house and added some fun colors. If you know me, this is not unexpected. If I had to do it again, I would have toned down that yellow, but I don’t hate it enough to paint over it. As you can see in that last picture, we aren’t quite finished yet. The wall between the kitchen and living room has been taken out, but we have yet to replace it with our breakfast bar. I’m quite excited for it to be finished as I think it will make our great room really GREAT! Please also take note of the beautiful flooring dear Husband put in for me. There are plenty of other things to be done, but we’re loving. Come visit some time!

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Posted by on December 28, 2015 in Moving, Team Alzen!


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