Annabelle Rose: Month 12

26 Sep

2015-09-07 11.36.26-1

Nicknames: Munchkin, Munchakroo (I think these are here to stay)

Enjoys filling boxes and buckets, pushing boxes around the house, going on walks, and swinging.

Dislikes her car seat. I’m really hoping this is short-lived.

Food is great. She’s returned to avocado, loves meat, and is taking a break from olives and tomatoes. Grapes are still the absolute favorite though.

Annabelle has just begun to stand for a few seconds here or there. I’m not worried about it though. I expect she’ll be walking any day now, and the longer she doesn’t walk, the more work I can get done in a day. Still not really saying any discernible words, but she talks all the time. She also enjoys “lounging”, which is what we call when she rolls around and lays on someone’s lap. She’s still quite social and talks to everyone around her in restaurants or stores. School is going really well, and she seems to love the ladies who take care of her there.

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