Parenting: Month 10

18 Jul

2015-06-21 08.02.25

Parenting has remained good. We’ve still got a decent routine, but I’m still not getting enough work done. My leads for summer care haven’t really panned out, so I’m doing the best with what we have. It’s not terrible, and I have to remind myself that I don’t have to make twenty hours of progress on my dissertation each week.

I’m focusing on “cherishing things up in my heart” and enjoying this season of my life instead of being stressed about everything I’m not getting done. It will be all too soon that I’m back at a “regular” job, not at home with my girl, and without the awesome flexibility that grad school affords. Specifically to this end, I’m meeting husband at the gym as much as possible rather than working out at home alone, and I spend most of Friday with a group of first time moms from our church. These activities take a decent amount of time away from work, but they are so good for my health and attitude. They are the memories I’ll remember for years to come.

We’ve started to get rid of a lot of the “baby things” at our house. I can’t believe how quickly you don’t need things anymore. With the advent of crawling and more independence has also come what I’m calling “real” parenting. Up until now, parenting has primarily been about keeping the kid alive, but we’re starting to set boundaries and say “no”. This is proving to be an adjustment for us all, but a good one. This is our little life to steward, and we want to steward well.

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