Parenting: Month 9

16 Jun

2015-06-06 16.36.23

Ok, seriously, this has been the best month of parenting so far. Routine seems to have stuck a bit. AB consistently sleeps 10 hours, eats a snack, and sleeps for another hour or two. I get up very early to work, feed her, she goes back to sleep, and I work some more. When she gets up for the day, we play with Husband for a little bit and then do our daily chores. Having a little baby crawling around certainly keeps you more on your toes to keep things cleaner. A few days a week I do a home workout while Husband gets ready for work. That way he can play with her a bit when she gets bored. Then breakfast, some time reading my Bible while she plays in her high chair next to me, and some more work for me while she plays independently in the office. A little play together before she takes her first nap and I work some more. Then lunch for us both, playing, perhaps a walk or an outing, and some more work before starting dinner. Food for everyone, play time with Husband, and off to bed. This is, of course, an ideal day. Sometimes the nap goes poorly, I fail to get up early, or she just needs some more attention. Sometimes we go to the gym instead of home workout. Sometimes I have meetings and the sitter comes. Today was a most excellent day. Tomorrow might be hard, but my more regular exercise and time with the Lord has certainly helped my attitude and ability to cope with more difficult days. Even though this is going very well, I’m still not making enough progress on all of my research projects. Hoping to work out some affordable care for the summer so I can get a bit ahead as the fall will be even busier. It won’t be long before she’s running away from me any chance she gets, so I’ve got to get going!

Fun things this month have been learning to wave, crawl, slide off the couch to stand up, and sit up. All this movement led us to doing some baby proofing, which resulted in some new to use furniture off of Craigslist. Got some good deals, the house looks nicer, and less danger for the kid. Wins all around! AB has a play area in the office and living room now. It is nice to be able to put her down in any room while I do something or another for a minute or two.

We took a trip to Florida for a family wedding this month. The picture above is us at the celebration. It went incredibly well. I wasn’t sure how flying was going to go since she’s older now. She slept through everything minus about 10 minutes going out there. The first day was rough, but we determined she was teething in addition to travel and long days. She stayed up two hours past bedtime almost every night we were there, and she did so, so well. I was quite impressed. By and large, this little one is easy going. I’m so thankful for her.

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