Parenting: Month 7

16 Apr

2015-04-16 09.46.13

I got the sewing machine just under two months ago and have made the following since then:

  • cloth napkins
  • sewing machine cover
  • pj pants for the 8-year-old housemate
  • 3 reversible bags
  • Easter dress for Annabelle
  • rag quilt for Annabelle’s play mat
  • 2 baby sun hats

I’m also currently working on a cloth photo book for the kid. First off, don’t be impressed. None of these things are items of fine craftsmanship. The napkins are all different sizes, the pj pants are essentially two rectangles sewn together, I had to make 3 reversible bags to get it right by the third try, the dress is a rectangle, the quilt has a hole in it, and I had to make two hats because the first one was too small and the lining of both of them doesn’t line up to the outside. Regardless of the flaws, the sewing gives me an outlet. Even though it’s all been for someone else, the actual production is something for me. This has helped my mental state a lot. That up there is a picture of the sewing machine cover which I actually think is the best thing I’ve made as far as quality goes.

I still haven’t made it to the gym. Got all dressed and went one day, but AB fell asleep on the way, and waking her up to go inside would not have gone well. The craziness of this semester plus her inconsistent sleeping patterns have just made the gym an unrealistic goal. Thankfully breastfeeding and eating somewhat well has helped me to continue to lose bits of weight. I can get all of my old clothes on now, but they definitely don’t look as good as they used to. I accept that my body will never be the same, but I do want to return to being a better steward of the body God gave me. The plan is for AB and I to meet Husband up at the gym during his lunch hour two days a week following the close of this semester. Am really hoping this plan will work as it gives me exercise time and time with Husband. I’d like to get another trip or two in by myself and/or to the Crossfit gym instead, but I’m working up to that.

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 5-day conference in Chicago where I will do responsible conference things but where I will also visit museums and sleep! I expect to be sad when I leave that little baby, but also expect to have a wonderful time enjoying adult things (there are dinosaurs to be seen!) and sleeping past 5 or 6 am after sleeping through the night. I’m looking forward to my Instagram feed having pictures of things other than my kid. I look forward to putting on make up and real clothes and showering multiple days in a row. Pretty sure that hasn’t happened for 7 months. A newish friend of mine saw me on Easter and was surprised by my minimal makeup. That’s how I used to look every day! lol Not that I don’t love little AB, but my life for the past four months until the sewing machine came was caring for her and working. Not exactly how I viewed my life. Not terrible, but not who I want to be.

This kid definitely has my heart. I cherish her, but parenting is not for the faint of heart!

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