Annabelle Rose: Month 7

16 Apr

2015-04-16 07.52.14

Nicknames: Little Miss, My Sweet, Munchkin, Kiddo, Little Monster

Enjoys playing with papa, putting everything in her mouth, petting “the beast” (aka our dog), sitting up while leaning on a person or pillow to play, kicking her feet, and eating apples with kale.

Dislikes napping, not being able to see mama, and sleeping in.

Foods she’ll eat to-date: butternut squash, sweet potato, zucchini, carrots, apples, pears, bananas, kale (w/ fruit), and hard-boiled egg yolks (w/ sweet potatoes).

Foods planned for next month: ground beef, broccoli, avocado (again), cucumber, peaches, and chicken

This kid pretty much immediately rolls onto her stomach every time she goes to sleep but then seems unable to return to her back. We call this “t-rex trying to do push-ups”. This causes problems for sleep. Extra tummy time will be in her future for Month 8 so she can master rolling in both directions and hopefully sleeping better once again. Our Little Miss is much more interactive than ever before and very much enjoys to play with her toys and read books. We often talk for her and say “this goes in my mouth!” She’s also started having some separation anxiety from her mama and not always excited about being in the care of others, but the report is that her sadness doesn’t last too long.

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