Parenting: Month 5

20 Feb

It’s easy to lose sight of yourself when you have a baby. I recently told Husband that the only regular things I was doing for myself were my nails every 2 weeks and taking 3 maaaaaybe 4 showers a week. That’s not enough time for yourself, folks. It was wearing thin on me. I moved from taking care of my baby to taking care of my house to taking care of my work and back through the cycle again and again. Some feelings of anger and fatigue were definitely setting in. I’m blessed to have a partner who is my teammate. Husband was so considerate of me and what was happening with me mentally and emotionally. He helped me to think of ways to solve this problem. It’s been a week, and I’m definitely starting to feel a little better. AB being on a relatively predictable schedule definitely helps as well. Plus she’s just growing and figuring out life much better. I can take her places and do stuff and don’t have to feel locked into my home all the time. I’m getting decent sleep again as well. It might still be broken, but I have time to get things done in the evening after she goes to bed and sleep for a few hours in between feedings. With solid food on the horizon, I’m hopeful for when we drop the lingering night feedings and I get to sleep all the way through the night again!

Also notable is how many people just love babies and how much I now love babies. If I’m away from my baby, and I see a baby, I want to hug the baby! My heart has definitely been changed in this respect. Also beautiful (and sometimes difficult) is seeing Husband grow in loving our daughter as well. It’s harder for husbands for sure, but that makes the bonding that much sweeter when it happens. I love these two more than my heart could ever imagine.

When we moved Annabelle out of our room into her own, I cried the first night. It was weird/sad/refreshing that she wasn’t in our room that night, but she hasn’t come back. I didn’t expect to cry, but it was the first “big” milestone in my mind. The crying lasted only a few moments though, and within a couple of weeks, I had her bassinet/co-sleeper up on Craigslist because I knew she wasn’t coming back for any length of time. She’s growing up so much already!

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