Annabelle Rose: Month 2

15 Nov

2014-11-15 08.21.02

Nicknames:AB, Little Bug, Little Lady, Little Miss

Enjoys looking at the Christmas tree, wiggling in the bed in the mornings with mommy & daddy, and sleeping at an incline

Dislikes going too long without being held.

Able to hold her head up, track sounds around the room, hold her rattle, sleep 4-5 hours through the night relatively consistently

A little story to remember: We went out the other day when it was about 8 degrees outside. We bundled AB up very well, but her eyes and eyebrows were exposed. As soon as we walked out of the door, her eyes got huge, and we heard a quiet “eep…eep…eep…eep” until we were in the car. So adorable.

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