Pregnancy Nutrition & Exercise

10 May

Up until about Week 7: Normal Paleo lifestyle and I was really hungry ALL THE TIME. I ate extra in those first few weeks.

Week 8 – until about Week 16: “Morning” sickness that occurred at all times of the day. I actually only puked three times, but often felt nauseous. For several weeks, all I could eat was gf toast, oatmeal, crackers, and normally a “real” paleo meal at dinner. The worst part about this phase was pretty much not being able to eat vegetables or leftovers. Those seriously grossed me out, and I was REALLY sensitive to strong smells.

Week 17 – Week 21: Slowly but surely my desires for and ability to eat all foods has returned. I’m even considering a Whole 30 challenge for the month of June, but I obviously won’t be as strict about it as I would be when not pregnant.

Since I had the period of crazy carb eating through pb&j sandwiches, toast, oatmeal, bagel sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese (all gf, mind you), I was definitely more lax in my diet in there for a couple of months. This also included other treats like cookies and cupcakes. Then one day I experienced the terrible feeling of heartburn for the first day in my life. It took us about three instances to identify it happened after I ate gf treats–most notably after a box of macaroni & cheese and then another time after two cupcakes. Heartburn (plus the fact that these aren’t actually really foods) made these things not worth it to me. It was so awful after the cupcakes that I had a terrible time sleeping. After that, I dropped all of those foods and returned to real food. I can eat plenty real food and never feel the heartburn, but any substantial amount of some gf substance, and I’m miserable. Needless to say, this has seriously helped me get back on track. Though I will admit that a piece of candy here or there is still a temptation. I am obviously pretty addicted to sugar at this point.

In starting Week 21, I still occasionally eat some rice crackers in the morning if I wake up feeling a bit icky. I also carry around some KIND snack bars that are most certainly not paleo as emergency snacks in my purse for when I’m out and about. The amount of fruit I consume is also quite a bit more than normal, but all in all not ridiculous. I’m back to only cooking Whole 30 meals in our home and only occasionally indulging in some rice or french fries when we’re out. Other than the general unavoidable discomfort of pregnancy, I’m feeling great.

In case you’re curious, yes I still crossfit, but it looks VERY different right now. I only go 1-2 times a week, though I’d love to increase it to 2-3 over the summer. I scale everything, don’t run, take many many breaks, and try not to ever get out of breath. I check my heart rate often, and if it’s around 150 bpm, I stop until it’s substantially lower. My max lift is currently 45#, and many lifts are actually only 15#. I don’t go on days when the entire WOD is just not feasible for where my body is right now. I’m hoping to incorporate more walks as I know the steady-state cardio is good for me, but I need to be more intentional about that by scheduling them. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and have yet to be on even one.

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