List 24: Best Ways to Show Love

24 Mar

Answering this question depends on the nature of the relationship, but here are some general ways to show love that I think relate to most.

1) Show interest in the other person’s life. Ask about what’s going on. Remember things they’ve told you about and follow up later. Engage in conversation by asking questions that lead to more conversation. Give answers that are more than one or two words.

2) Send hand-written notes, texts, chats, and/or emails for no other reason than checking in or noting something that made you think of the other person.

3) Sacrifice your time, talent, and treasure for the other’s benefit. Offer to fill needs even if they don’t ask.

4) Give thoughtful gifts. They don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be for an official reason.

5) Tell people what you appreciate about them.

6) Pursue time with the person. Don’t always wait for them to initiate.

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