Lists 15-17

17 Mar

I’m behind, so here are lists for the past three days:

15: Things I’ve Only Bought Once or Twice in My Live

1) Our pure bred puppy, Magic. I imagine we’ll save any other dogs we purchase
2) Mountain bike. Because, well, they’re expensive, and I don’t even like riding a bike.
3) Snowboard. Similar to the mountain bike. I’m not a huge fan. Bought it, used it for a season, and sold it. Don’t plan on buying another one.
4) A Coach purse. I have on real one that I bought in an actual Coach store. I’m super hard on bags, so I decided second hand or off brands would be fine.
5) Motorcycle gear. I’ve got all of it, but now I’m pregnant, so it goes away for at least a year. Will probably ride on the back quite a bit in our golden years though.

16: This Week’s To-Do List

Oh my, get ready…

1) Revise and submit a grant proposal
2) Begin a term paper
3) Read between 8 – 12 research articles
4) Update research report
5) Grading and administrivia for the online class I teach
6) Help a friend prepare for comps defense
7) Meet with advisor
8) Go to the gym 2-3 times
9) Physical therapy
10) Celebrate comps passing with friends
11) Pick up bachelorette party goodies
12) Pick up bridesmaid dress
13) Dye hair
14) Start packing
15) Visit with out of town friend
16) Grocery list & shoppine
17) Cook food for husband to eat next week
18) Laundry
19) Set next week’s schedule
20) All your typical daily stuff

List 17: People I Want to Be Like When I Grow Up

Not a super easy list for me. I’ve had lots of mentors in my life who had various qualities I tried to emulate. However, by and large, I’m really happy with the person I’ve become. I’m thankful for my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses. It’s hard for me to pick a person I want to be like because I know everyone has both the good and the bad, just like me. The super Christian answer is Jesus, which seems super cheesy, but in all actuality, it’s true for me. The characteristics I see in other people I want to develop in myself are those that are most like Jesus. In trying to be like them in whatever area, I’m really striving to become more like Christ.

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