List 14: Favorite Treats while Traveling

14 Mar

This one is fitting as I’ll be traveling to California for a dear friend’s wedding soon. When I get there, I will be sure to eat In N Out and tacos! I do believe the post is asking me what I treat myself with when actually traveling though. That’s a harder list for me because I try to bring actually nutritious foods and those don’t always travel well. Here’s what I try and do…

  1.  I’ve definitely been on a plane with In N Out before as well as a bag of cooked bacon in my purse.
  2. I also try to get trail mix that’s a legitimate mix of salty and sweet. I HATE trail mix that goes overboard on the sweet.
  3. If we’re driving, and I’m less worried about stuff getting smashed, I go for deli meat and cheese slices as well as fresh fruit like grapes and cuties.
  4. If I can find good quality stuff without icky ingredients, I try to travel with beef jerky for some protein.
  5. Water. Lots of water. I get dehydrated easily when traveling.
  6. Lara bars
  7. There’s usually one form of candy in there as well, but I try to keep it to one (or one choice each if I’m traveling with Husband)
  8. If there’s a plane involved, there’s also gum for ear popping at take off and landing.
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