List 12: Things I Always do for Myself

12 Mar

This prompt can be taken two ways. I’m interpreting it as things I do for myself for me, not because I don’t want someone else to help me with it.

1) Get my nails done. Thank you shellac. 5 weeks on the same polish and never a single chip make it quite a bit more cost effective. This is the one totally frivolous use of my resources, but it makes me feel feminine and happy and is just a guilty pleasure.

2) Crossfit. This is my space. I go for me. It challenges me, it’s a way for me to be a good steward of my body, and it’s a place of community different from anywhere else in my life. It’s a place where I can both be humbled as well as feel like a fire breather.

3) Blog. I share so that friends and family near and far can read and keep up if they wish, but this is more for me than you. Blog stats have never been a very big deal to me, which is good because some days only about a dozen people read.

4) Read books and watch tv that are simply “easy” and not mentally challenging. There’s a lot of mental challenge in my life. Sometimes I just need to escape to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital or read about Stephanie Plum’s new bail bond debacles.

5) Spend time with Jesus. This is my lifeblood. That time doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes it’s reading my Bible or journaling or praying or singing or some combination of all of the above. This is the source of all my peace and joy. This is what gives purpose to my life.

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