10 Mar

If you’re paying close attention, there was no list 9. I skipped it because I thought it was dumb.

Today’s is difficult for me as well. I know the prompt writers don’t mean it to be, but it is.

If I ran the world, everything would be a mess. I can’t handle all that goes on in the world. I do fine to get my own little world running correctly.

But, in the spirit of how this post was meant to be taken, here are a few things that are important to me.

If I ran the world, more emphasis would be on family and relationships than work and money.

If I ran the world, people would be involved in true community where people shared one another’s joys and burdens equally.

If I ran the world, the practice of confessing wrongs to one another would not be a foreign concept, and we would not be afraid to confront one another about wrongs done.

If I ran the world, deep issues of inequity would not be blamed on education, but would be addressed as the social problems they are.

If I ran the world, the church would share the Gospel as Jesus modeled and not in the ways we’ve broken it.

The heart of all of this is that we live in a broken world and I am just as broken as the next person. My ability to run the world is no better than anyone else’s. There’s so much wrong in the world because we’re a broken and fallen people in need of redemption.

List 10: If I ran the world

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