List 5: Favorite Fictional Couples & Duos

05 Mar

I’ve thought about this one all day. I’m going to be a fail English major here as none of mine come from books.

1. Cliff & Claire Huxtable–this remains my all time favorite television show. I love the fire that these two had in their relationship all through the show. I love how they were partners. I love that they thought outside of the box when raising their kids.

2. Penelope & Odysseus–I adore the story of faithfulness between these two. Penelope is in the running for our daughter’s name in large part because of this. Infidelity in marriage is one of the hardest things for me to deal with, so a story where two go to extremes to remain faithful is close to my heart.

3. Mike & Sully from Monster’s Inc.–I cannot watch this movie without crying. The last scene will forever remind me of my best friend from high school. She would get the last splinter of my door for me in a heartbeat. This one’s for you, “Natty Pats”.

4. Gilbert Blythe & Anne Shirley–Though these two don’t end up together in the movies, they are still two of my favorite characters. I love the innocence and coming of age that these two experience together.

5. Buttercup & Wesley–Classic. My mother-in-law used to call me Buttercup because I often stumble and make noise just as she did rolling down the hill. And who doesn’t love “As you wish”.

6. Belle & The Beast–This is my favorite old school Disney movie. I enjoy that Belle is intelligent, and that her relationship with Beast isn’t based on appearance. I also like that the relationship takes work and the process of learning to love one another is played out.


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