My Ideal Day

03 Mar

A list describing My Ideal Day is a little tricky. Is this an ideal work day? Weekend day? Fantasy vacation day where money is no option? I’ll go with the weekend.

1. At this moment, my ideal day includes no morning sickness and an ability to eat any food I desire. While I’ve had very mild morning sickness aside from one day, it’s still a veil that rests over all of my mornings and food choices.

2. This day also includes a nice warm cup of tea and some good time with Jesus. Time I desired more than checking an item off of a list, but some time I craved.

3. Breakfast with the husband. For 14 years breakfast dates have been our favorite.

5. A nap outside in a hammock in the sunshine.

6. Honestly, a little bit of work that I’m interested in and motivates me. I usually work on something like this on Saturdays while the husband plays video games with his friends.

7. Good conversation with husband and a friend or two.

8. Dinner and a good movie. Dinner could be take-out or fancy. Dinner could be Redbox or the theater. Just some good food and good storytelling to round out the day.

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