Dreaming: The Pregnancy Edition

18 Feb

No one adequately prepared me for the intensity of pregnancy dreams. I woke bolt upright this morning at 4:58 with the rage of 1,000 suns coursing through my veins. The woman I was yelling at in my dream doesn’t exist, and I seriously has to spend a minute telling myself to calm down and it wasn’t real. Last week I woke up to my heart pounding in my chest from fear, and another time I seriously considered writing down my dream plot because it was sure to be the screenplay for the next blockbuster.

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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in Pregnancy


One response to “Dreaming: The Pregnancy Edition

  1. gary

    February 18, 2014 at 7:47 am

    I feel for you Jessica…. The events that a pregnant wife through …..& how Our Good interacts with all this …. puts me n awe of or wonderful savior…. We love both so much…. Love ….gary


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