“Stealing”Baby Names

17 Feb

This is something I don’t get. It’s ok if I and someone I know give our babies the same name.  It’s ok if you live four states away from me and it’s ok if you are someone I see on a regular basis and our kids might *gasp* play together. Many kids will meet, spend time with, play with, and work with another kid who shares the same name as them. I get that there isn’t a short supply of names in the world, but there are probably a short supply of names that you like. If you’re naming your baby something I like, I’m going to consider naming my baby the same thing. I’m not “stealing” that name from you. I’m giving my child a name that is meaningful to me. It will be ok, I promise.

My name is Jessica Lynn. Husband’s name is Michael David. I am good friends with three Jessicas. Husband is good friends with another Michael. I work with FIVE Michaels. This doesn’t make my husband any less special to me. I’m not sad about myself when I hang out with my other Jessica friends. Everyone is a-ok, and so will our kids if we name them the same thing, ok?

If you are no ok with that, I’m sorry. Your feelings will probably not stop me from giving my baby the same name as yours if I REALLY like that name. Call me whatever names you like but it’s true. Don’t tell me your potential names before your baby is due, and you can smugly say you thought of the name first and I copied you. I don’t care.

So I’m not hypocritical in any way, our current potential names are Penelope Rose, Annabelle Rose, Harrison Cole and Judah Cole. If you like any of those and don’t care that our kids may potentially have the same name, by all means, add them to your list of potentials for your little. For me, these are the only names currently in the running. I’m struggling to find any others that I’m even willing to consider. Unless we stumble upon something that hits us over the next few months, I suspect Baby Alzen will have one of these stamped on the birth certificate. If your kid does too, we’ll all still be friends.

For inquiring minds, Rose is my mom’s name, and Cole is after my grandpa who was Cecil Coleman. The middle names are pretty much not going anywhere. All of the first names have just sort of come to us, and I like the meanings. They aren’t tied to any specific person. Judah has just been my favorite baby boy name for the past 15 years or so. My favorite image of Christ is that of the lion, and Him being the lion of the tribe of Judah.

So there it is. I love all of these names. Some people will hate all of them, but, frankly, I could care less I think if we pick any of these four we’ll be happy.

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Posted by on February 17, 2014 in Pregnancy, Random Rants


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