Making New Friends

09 Feb

So there is this couple at our church that does many of the parenting things I am considering doing (natural childbirth, baby wearing, elimination communication, cloth diapering). I “know” them because we run check in for our children’s ministry once a month, so we at least exchange pleasantries on occasion. For months now I’ve been plotting how I’m going to become friends with the wife since it seems we may have a lot in common, and frankly, I want to learn from her.

So in all of my awkwardness, here’s now I made a new friend today:

Me: “Hi. So you and your husband do lots of things I want to do as a parent. I was hoping we could be friends and talk all about it. I know this is awkward, but this is just how I’m going for it and trying for a new friendship.”

Her: “Well I’m new to town and looking for new friends. I also love talking about baby stuff! I’ll give you my number. You can come over this week.”

Well ok then. That’s apparently how easy it can be to make a new friend.

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Posted by on February 9, 2014 in Pregnancy


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