Food for the Pregnant Lady

07 Feb

Written 1/15/2014

Everyone’s got an opinion and most of the opinions differ between people and research reports. I don’t have time to carefully read both sides of the argument on each and every potentially questionable food item (I’m looking at you coffee, caffeinated tea, eggs with runny yolks, and fish) now that I’m pregnant. I find it interesting that there are all these things you “aren’t supposed to eat”, but I don’t go in to see the midwife until I’m past 10 weeks. So all us pregnant ladies who “don’t know what we’re doing” are just free to roam out there and eat whatever we want for 10 weeks with no instruction? I mean, I do my own research to some extent and don’t always listen to what I’m told, but still. Also, what’s with these RDA regarding vitamins and minerals for the pregnant ladies? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about getting your vitamins and minerals from whole food sources, but I think some of the RDAs are just wrong. That or I really should be eating organ meats, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m also not going to eat 6-8 cups of dark leafy vegetables every single day. Just not going to happen.

Added 1/29/2014

I clearly wrote the above paragraph before the hormones really started kicking in. For the past two weeks or so I’ve been surviving on whatever food I could talk myself into eating. Aversions to date have included most vegetables and leftovers. Cravings have included PB&J sandwiches, pulled pork & coleslaw, baked potatoes, and Chipotle. If I could talk myself into eating it, I was pretty happy. Though I will admit that my Paleo lifestyle of the past 5 years does make me feel a tinge of guilt every time I eat something I normally wouldn’t.

Added 2/5/2014

Food aversions have subsided a little bit, and I’ve gone back to “normal” eating for the most part. Less leftovers just means I cook more often in the evenings than all day on Saturday. I still typically don’t favor vegetables, but they currently (no longer?) make me want to vomit. The “morning sickness” hasn’t gone away though, and it certainly isn’t only in the mornings. Luckily, it isn’t consistent. Given the miscarriage in December though, I really do try to be thankful for the symptoms that Baby Alzen is in there and growing. Cravings have subsided as well. Nothing overwhelming has happened in a good week or so. Though I’ll admit that I can pretty much always go for a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich. I don’t care about the jelly though. Odd things these babies do to you.

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