Two More Book Club Entries

12 Jan

I snuck in two more books before the end of vacation . I’m rather ambivalent about them both.

First was “The Other Wes Moore”. Frankly, I don’t recommend this one. I would pretty much tell anyone to read “There are no Children Here” over this book. It’s the story of how two boys with the same name, who grew up close to one another, ended up with very different life outcomes. However, there is no critical analysis. It’s simply a rather naive telling of the two stories.

The other was the second book in the Mistborn Trilogy. This one had so much time spent explaining war strategy that I got bored. It was bogged down quite a bit for me. The book could have been much shorter, more engaging, and still accomplished the same overarching narrative goals. I’m promised the third will be much more enjoyable.

School really does start tomorrow, so my indulgence in all of this reading will come to a quick halt. It was good while it lasted, folks.

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Posted by on January 12, 2014 in Book Club


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