A week with a six-year old

02 Jan

My dear friend from college and her six almost seven year old visited from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. It was a delight to visit with them both. My friend is an incredible mama as evidenced by the charm, sweetness, intelligence, and preciousness of her little girl.

10 Things I learned from being with this kiddo for a week:

  1. Snuggles and piggyback rides with a kid who you love and loves you are priceless
  2. Kids will remember and remind you of every opportunity for fun foods and activities of which they are aware. Don’t mention it unless you’re a) willing and able to deliver or b) prepared to deal with the fallout
  3. Kiddos learn how to participate in conversation from the adults around them
  4. There is no controlling the hair
  5. Choices are sometimes good for learning autonomy, but other times are completely overwhelming
  6. Every parent is doing the best they know how, and no one knows what they’re doing
  7. Be prepared to lose things the kid is in charge of
  8. Tears are often all about needing a nap
  9. Teaching a kid to express herself means you need to be ready to hear all of the expressions of self
  10. Opinions. Lots of opinions. Navigating them is a serious challenge. lol

There are plenty more things I could write about, but this sums up a lot of our week. Thankful for this little one and her mama. So happy to have spent the holidays with them. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see each other once again.

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