Book Club: Friday Night Knitting Club

27 Dec

This was a good read in that it’s one of those that takes you through all of the emotions. You are happy, angry, hopeful, devastated, and encouraged right along with all the characters. It’s a story of women from different walks of life and different ages brought together by the art of knitting. Since I’ve dabbled in knitting myself, learned the craft from my own grandmother, and spent some time in little yarn shops like the one that serves as the primary setting for this book, I think I had a special affinity for the story.

Two of the major conflicts in the book occur because of fear of confrontation and lack of communication. Since these are two of my pet peeves, I couldn’t get 100% into the story, but it was still good. Though not unproblematic, it does a decent job of dealing with biracial couples as well.

All in all a decent read. I remember wanting to read it when it came out and just never got around to it. Glad to have seen it on the shelf at the Good Will for $.50. I recommend it if you want a heartwarming story, but be prepared to shed a tear or two.

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