30 ’til 30: 2011

29 Apr

Countdown to my 30th birthday. A new post each day in April to chronicle at least one significant thing from each year I’ve been alive.


  • I turn 28 years old
  • We enjoy a last summer in CA and do lots of fun things
  • I go on two wonderful trips with some sweet girls. I’m blessed to have each of them in my life.
  • My other grandmother dies. I had been very close to her as well.
  • We pack up our things and move from Grand Terrace, CA to Boulder, CO for me to start my PhD
  • For the first time in our lives, Husband and I spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from our families
  • Our dearest friends from CA come out for Thanksgiving though and that helps

Some historical tidbits from Wikipedia, so who knows if they’re right. Historical Facts:

  • Prince William got married. I could have cared less. Didn’t know it was happening until social media alerted me to the event.
  • Announcement that Osama Bin Laden was killed on my birthday this year.
  • Occupy movement

Pop Culture:

  • #1 movie at the box office: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
  • Oscar for best picture: The Artist
  • Billboard’s #1 song: Rolling in the Deep–Adele
  • Grammy Song of the year: Need You Now–Lady Antebellum
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