30 ’til 30: 1997

15 Apr

Countdown to my 30th birthday. A new post each day in April to chronicle at least one significant thing from each year I’ve been alive.


  • I turn 14 years old
  • My science fair project is to track comet Hale-Bopp
  • The church we’d gone to for most of my childhood closes and re-opens its doors as a new church plant. This is the beginning of a period of me being really involved in church. We start a youth group, and there are several adults who mentor me over the next several years. I credit much of who I am today to Cheryl, John, Paul, Kathy, Diane, Sandy, Jan, Richard, & Karen.
  • I started teaching 5th & 6th-grade Sunday School somewhere around in here.
  • I finish 8th-grade and “graduate”.
  • My grandmother (widowed the year before) took me on a cruise to Mexico as my 8th-grade graduation present. I know. It was a big gift, but I think she was particularly sad to have lost her traveling partner.
  • First kiss & first sort of boyfriend this summer. We were an odd couple, but he was super great. I loved his family.

Some historical tidbits from Wikipedia, so who knows if they’re right. Historical Facts:

Pop Culture:

  • #1 movie at the box office: Titanic
  • Oscar for best picture: Titanic
  • Billboard’s #1 song: Candle in the Wind (Elton John)
  • Grammy Song of the year: Change the World (Eric Clapton)
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