30 ’til 30: 1986

04 Apr

Countdown to my 30th birthday. A new post each day in April to chronicle at least one significant thing from each year I’ve been alive.


  • I turn 3 years old
  • Somewhere around 2 or 3 I decide on my own that diapers are gross and I’m going to use the toilet. My parents lucked out.
  • My dad went to Australia to see Halley’s Comet. One of my first memories is freaking out when he left. I was very concerned he would never come back. This is one of my earliest memories.
  • I also remember having a political t-shirt from the Philippines during the Marcos/Aquino situation. It was bright yellow, and I believe had Aquino’s face on it.
  • I’m pretty sure I did preschool at a place called KinderCare near our house. We had nap time in plastic tub things that kept everyone in their own nap area. I always forgot to bring my pillow, so I could never sleep very well.
  • My favorite “toy” was a small white pillow named Jenny.

Some historical tidbits from Wikipedia, so who knows if they’re right.

Historical Facts:

  • The first PC virus spreads
  • National Resistance Army Rebel Group takes over Uganda
  • The Challenger tragedy occurs
  • People Power Revolution in the Philippines: Ferdinand Marcos goes into¬†exile
  • Microsoft’s IPO happens
  • The Chernobyl Disaster
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show begins
  • Iran-Contra Affair

Pop Culture:

  • #1 movie at the box office: Top Gun
  • Oscar for best picture: Platoon
  • Billboard’s #1 song: That’s What Friends are For–Dionne & Friends
  • Grammy Song of the year: We are the World–Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie
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