30 ’til 30: 1984

02 Apr

Countdown to my 30th birthday. A new post each day in April to chronicle at least one significant thing from each year I’ve been alive.


  • I turn 1 year old and have my first and only “big” birthday party at a restaurant.
  • I’m sure I did some newborn stuff like smile and crawl or something, but I don’t know.
  • I’m still pretty blobby, so still nothing much to report.

Some historical tidbits from Wikipedia, so who knows if they’re right.

Historical Facts:

  • Macs are sold for the first time
  • Ronald Reagan is reelected President
  • Soviet Union boycotts the Summer Olympics in LA
  • Half a million people in Manila demonstrate against Ferdinand Marcos
  • Cesar Chavez¬†delivers his speech, “What The Future Holds For Farm Workers And Hispanics”

Pop Culture:

  • #1 movie at the box office: Ghostbusters
  • Oscar for best picture: Amadeus
  • Billboard’s #1 song: When Doves Cry–Prince
  • Grammy Song of the year: Every Breath You Take–The Police
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