10 Mar

…we’re planning to get rid of a lot of it. We have too much “stuff”. Too many “this is a good deal”, “this is still usable”, and “what if we ever want that again?” have caused us to accumulate far more than we need. We donated and sold a lot of stuff in our last two moves, but with a baby and another move in mind for next summer, we’re looking to simplify even more. There’s something really cathartic about moving and getting rid of things, and I’m kind of itching to clean out and simplify. I guess Spring cleaning is at least a little instinctual on some level to me.

I’m somewhere on the middle of the spectrum with regard to sentimental “items”.  I still know where each and every one of our remaining wedding presents came from, and think of the gift-givers every time we use them. As more and more of those presents break, wear our, or need replacing, there are fewer items to which I’m emotionally attached in that way. I remember stuff like where and for what purpose I bought particular pieces of clothing. I have a separate box of “memories” from elementary school, middle/high school, and college. I’m thinking I might be able to combine that stuff down to two boxes. If I had the patience to scan old pictures, I know I could do that. Maybe this summer when I’m sitting around with not as much work to do. I know a particular friend who threw away old yearbooks. I don’t know that I’ll ever do that, but I am ready to get rid of a few more things. The jury is still out on my wedding dress. I think that for our 10th wedding anniversary I’d love to do a trash the dress photo shoot, but I don’t know that I’ll want to spend the money on such a thing when the time comes. I’ve also thought about doing something with the fabric, but haven’t thought of a good enough plan yet. I also think I should bless someone else with a wedding dress, but don’t know who I’d give it to.

Reflecting on all of this really makes me consider how materialistic I am sometimes. In the grand scheme of things, I”m not that materialistic, but I’m more so than I want to be. I want it to be “just stuff” rather than something tangible in which I’m putting my heart. Losing all of our things wouldn’t take away sweet memories and good times. Putting my time, energy, money and effort into people and relationships and things that matter is more important than stuff. Just because I want something, and I can find it for cheap, doesn’t mean I should acquire it.

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  1. league89

    March 10, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    My first thought here is a cheesy moment in a cheesy movie. In “Leap Year,” Amy Adams’ character is asked if there were a fire in her home, what would be the one thing she would grab (because you are only going to have time to take one thing as you are rushing out the door to escape the unmerciful flames). She has no answer.
    Later, she pulls the fire alarm in her and her fiance’s new apartment to “test this out” on him. What does he go for? A bunch of electronics. It is somewhat depressing, but makes me ponder every so often, where I am in relation to my “stuff.”


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