We do not remember days, we remember moments

02 Dec

Some pictures are just magical. They capture the essence of the moment, the people, the space in time. Our wedding photographer used to use the title of this post as his tag line. I always remember this quote from Cesare Pavese when I see a picture that captures one of these moments. There are also special pictures that embody the relationship between two people. Here are three such pictures of us… Taken on our day six-and-a-half years ago. Jim just perfectly captured us here. I’m excited and ready to face the world. Husband stands quietly next to me as my support and my balance. Not wanting much attention for himself, but happy to let me draw attention to both of us. This one was taken by our dear friend and family photographer, Daniel. Again, the essence of who we are is perfectly frozen here. I’m off-balance and all over the place, the dog is distracted, and husband is there looking out for us and supporting us. Not drawing attention to himself, but looking out for his family while I’m just taking on the world with a huge, ridiculous smile. Lastly, this hugely goofy picture taken by me on my camera phone. I took the picture to text a friend and tell her I found the piece of her Halloween costume left at my house. There I am, goofy as ever, while husband laughs in the background.

Each of these point out the obvious that I am the extrovert of this pair. Husband is always in the background, avoiding attention and not looking at the camera, paying attention to the details and making sure everyone is ok, or laughing at the most recent act of my tomfoolery. Our life together hasn’t always been perfect or easy, but these are the types of moments I focus on when life is hard. In this season of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for husband, I’m thankful for our life together, and I’m thankful some of our moments have been captured.

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