Mid Term Update

13 Oct

I haven’t blogged since the beginning of August. This is for several reasons:

1) I am so busy I simply don’t have time

2) Life can really be summed up in a few words: school, work, study, cook, eat, sleep, Sabbath

In short, what everyone said about year 2 is true. It’s significantly harder than year 1. Here are general bullet points:


School is harder, but I’m learning some amazing things. While last year I had the luxury of being able to get ahead and occasionally take entire weekends off, that is not really the case this year. Sabbath is still maintained on Sundays, but I spend several more hours a week working this year than last. Big midterm on Thursday. We’ll see how I do.


Still amazing, and we love it. We’re starting to build closer relationships with people and will start volunteering with elementary kids once a month in November. I’m going on the Women’s retreat in November and am hoping to start building some great friendships with these ladies.


We moved in with two great single guys from school. It’s an adjustment to live with other people again, but we’re thankful for the cheaper rent and bigger space. The menfolk have humored me with “family night” once a month. I love it. We share a meal, talk about life, and generally enjoy each other’s company.


I’m predominantly crossfitting these days to minimize time at the gym. I wish I could lift more, but being done with my workouts in less than 30 minutes is very helpful.


Husband is competing in a jiu jistu tournament in November, so we’re in the middle of a pretty strict 30 days. I say “pretty strict” because the CSA we bought for the year includes cheese and potatoes, so we’re eating those things to be good stewards of our money. All in all it’s going well. This is Day 20. I feel better in my body and have lost an inch off of my waist.

That’s the highlights for now. Fascinating, I know. Maybe I’ll have something else to say in the next two months.

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