Boulder: A Year in Review

14 Aug

We’ve officially lived in Boulder for over a year now. We were blessed to spend the actual anniversary of our move date in California visiting friends and family. Since I have about 47 things to do, some quick bullet points reflecting on the year in Boulder and the trip home.

*We LOVE Boulder. This is where God wants us to be, and we are quite happy. There are so many outdoorsy things for both of us to enjoy as well as the incredible academic surroundings for my degree. While we miss lots of people from California, we do not miss where we used to live. The beach is nice, but it doesn’t beat living at the base of the Flatirons. Yes there’s snow here, but the temperature stays below 100 almost all the time. Yes, there are fewer things here, but life is simpler and there’s no smog.
*We LOVE our new church. It was a blessing to visit our old church for two weeks back in California. Yes, I still love that place and the people there, but I am happy that God provided an equally (but different) wonderful community for us.
*I LOVE my program at CU. We don’t know what God’s plan is for after school, but I know this is the program I should be in.Ā Visiting the middle school where I taught for 6 years was great, but I know I made the right decision to leave. I miss teaching sometimes, but I know if I went back I would be restless and unhappy. That is not the place God has for me anymore.

When we left California a year ago, a wise friend of mine said that if it’s easy to leave a place, you haven’t loved and lived well there. When we left last year, we were sad, but we were going out on a great adventure. That adventure made goodbye a little easier. I shed more tears leaving this time than last. Our hearts overflowed with the blessings of spending lots of quality time with dear friends and family this past week. We almost got to see everyone and were able to spend good amounts of quality time with those closest to us. We know that we loved and lived well in California and are blessed by those we continue to be in community with.

This past year was a time of transition and figuring things out in a new place. While we made some friends, I don’t know that I loved and lived as well as I could have. I’m looking forward to beginning to live and love well this year. School is going to be harder, and I know there will be lots of challenges. But I’m looking forward to the ways God invites me to join Him in what He is doing and the people with whom my identity and community will lie during the remainder of our time here in Boulder.

Also, if you took pictures while we were in CA, please send them to me. As always, I packed my camera and didn’t take any pictures…

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