An Unusual Anniversary

24 May

Husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday. To celebrate, we did something a little unconventional…

We took a 4-Day Defensive Hand Gun Course

Yeah. You read that correctly. We went out into the middle of Death Valley, just outside of Vegas, to the little town of Pahrump, Nevada and shot guns in the 100+ heat. It was exhausting, but awesome. Husband had taken me shooting 3-4 times prior to this course, but I was still pretty hesitant around guns. I relied on him to do most things with it. I could shoot fairly accurately, but had little method to my madness. I believe the 2nd amendment gives me the right to keep and bear arms, and as Spiderman says, “with great power comes great responsibility”. I think my right to bear arms and the fact that we own guns gives me a responsibility to be an adept gun-handler, so I was all for this “vacation”.

Here’s my test target:

Controlled pairs to the thoracic cavity at 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 meters. All of mine nicely covered with only two pieces of tape. Next we had to do two more controlled pairs followed by head shots. One piece of tape each for those. Lastly, designated head shots at 5 & 7 m. I only missed one shot on the whole test! Woot!

 -3 on the accuracy portion of the test. I had one of the highest accuracy scores! My one missed shot is seen here just under the ocular-cranial cavity. I had a pretty low score on the test overall because I’m a super slow shot, but I’m accurate. The range staff said I’d get faster with time and to be proud of my accuracy skills.

Last exercise was putting the name of a loved on on the center target. Husband was taken by 2 hostage takers, and I had to save him at 5 meters. I did!
There was also a shoot out competition where we squared off to one other shooter each. We had to save a hostage and shoot two other bad guys at the back of the range. I won my first round and was very excited! The second round I lost by time only to the guy who took second in the whole competition in our class of 40, so I feel pretty good about that. Several people shot the hostage instead of the hostage taker, but I successfully (albeit slowly) saved the hostage twice. Our instructors were super proud of me as well.
From left to right: Neal (line coach), husband, me, Phil (Range master), and Scott (super awesome line coach).
My favorite quote from Scott: “Call me Frankenstein ’cause I’ve created a monster.”–said about me and my awesome shooting. 🙂
I highly recommend Front Sight Firearms Training to anyone who has even a remote interest in shooting guns. They provide great training to people of all skill levels. Team Alzen is now better prepared than ever for the zombiepocalypse.

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2 responses to “An Unusual Anniversary

  1. lacigrl

    May 24, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    That’s AWESOME! Looks like a lot of fun, I would have enjoyed that except for the heat, haha. Congrats on not killing your husband! ;D When the zombiepocalypse happens, we’re so coming to your house.

    • jalzen

      May 25, 2012 at 5:13 am

      Thanks! Apparently if you go in like February it’s really not that bad. We had a good time, and I’m glad to be more comfortable with firearms.


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