The Next 100 Day Challenge

21 Mar

So the 100 day push-up challenge was a complete success. I’m so glad I did it. Lots of great results. I’m continuing my push-up training with this 6-week routine. However, I’ve also decided to do something about pull-ups.

In 2010, Husband and I had just started following a Paleo lifestyle, and he had started doing this crazy thing called crossfit. I committed to participating in this workout style until my birthday, May 1 (It’s coming up by the way!). Part of my motivation was to be able to do a dead hang pull-up by my 27th birthday. Well, I made that goal, and then promptly stopped doing pull-ups. Today, I can maybe get one if it’s a really strong day and my clothes don’t weigh too much. I want my pull-up skill to be in the neighborhood of my push-up skill, hence the next 100 day challenge.

However, it’s unrealistic to think that I can do the same plan for pull-ups, so I’ve modified. Here’s my plan.

10, 10-day cylces of pull-ups and toes to bar.

Day 1: 1 pull-up & 1 toes to bar
Day 2: 2 pull-ups & 2 toes to bar
Day 10: 10 pull-ups & 10 toes to bar
Day 11: 1 pull-up & 1 toes to bar
Day 12: 2 pull-ups & 2 toes to bar
Complete 10 cycles of 10 days.

I’ll be using a resistance band since I can currently only do 1 pull-up on a really good day, but I’ll start off each day by trying to do 1 dead hang pull-up. I figure by the end of this, I should at least be able to do that consistently. Toes to bar are just because I might as well do something else as I’m hanging up there, and toes to bar are WAY better than crunches, which I dropped around day 80 of the push-up challenge. Only within the last few months have I even been able to do 1 toes to bar, so I’m excited to see my progress on this as well.

Let me know if you’d like to join. I’d love company. You all who didn’t complete the push-up challenge, here’s your new chance! Go back to the push-ups or join in the pull-ups. We’ll keep each other accountable.

Looking forward to the journey!

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