100 Day Push-Up Challenge Complete!

08 Mar

I did it! Finally. I’ve tried several times over the past three years or so to complete this 100-day-push-up challenge. For some reason, this time it took more than all the other times. For 100 consecutive days, I did push-ups every single day. I didn’t miss a single day! I started with sit-ups as well, but dropped those around day 80 to save time. I don’t feel badly about this because I didn’t have a goal as far as sit-ups go. I could do 100 straight sit-ups before I ever began the challenge. What I could not do, however, was a single solid military push-up. I had terrible depth, had my hands spread out way too far, and dropped my hips on every rep. It took almost three weeks for me to even eek out one really solid push-up. I asked husband to watch me nearly every day to critique my form. I remembered the PE coaches from the middle school I taught at telling the kids that push-ups shouldn’t look like a stretching cat or a seal. I’m proud to say that neither exist in my push-ups anymore.

Now, it’s not that I can do 100 good push-ups IN A ROW. That would be craziness. Frankly, I’m not sure how many I can do, because I do think there’s some over-training at the tail end. I’m going to wait a few days for recovery and then see how many solid push-ups I can do in a row. My thought is somewhere in the vicinity of 20. If that’s true, the results are pretty impressive since I couldn’t even do 1 at the beginning of all of this. Next I’m going to embark on a new six-week training program to see how many I can get in a row. I worked really hard to get a pull-up two years ago, and now I can only do one on a really good day. I don’t want to lose the push-ups.

It was weird to wake up this morning and not have something to do, so I went for some pull-ups. My next goal is to work on these. I tried to do 100 days of this, but it’s just not realistic. I’m putting together some sort of plan though. Maybe 10 rounds of 10 days? We’ll see. It’s so exciting to set goals to try new things and accomplish them. What new thing can you set out to accomplish?

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