A Serious Problem with My Education

01 Feb

This morning I read about the Plessy versus Ferguson and Brown versus Board of Education for THE FIRST TIME EVER. If you’re new around here, let me remind you that I’m in my second semester of a doctoral program. I successfully completed K-12 education, a BA, a BS, a teaching credential, and a Master’s degree. No where in that education was I charged with learning about anything post World War II. I remember complaining about this in high school. While I’ve been familiarized with issues of the Civil Rights Movement by my family and generally educated people around me, this is a serious problem in my understanding of the world. Up until last semester, all of my education was at private school. I’m not writing this to attack any of my previous educational institutions. They were good places that taught me a lot, but how much they didn’t teach me is a huge part of what I’m learning now. Honestly, I feel like issues of race, class, and power are being opened in a whole new way for me in graduate school. The things I’m learning are causing me to think about things totally differently, and I love it. I’m a minority, but I’ve always been conscious to never “play the race card”. I’m kind of now deciding that I was socialized not to “play that card” and as a result, I am just now learning a lot about and beginning to understand things I’ve navigated my entire life regarding race and class. So much to learn, and so thankful for the opportunity to learn it. This class is quite possibly one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.

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