Why I Wear Fishnets and Paint My Nails Blue

26 Jan

I’ve always worn fishnets. For some reason, I was never willing to give this piece of clothing over to the hookers. Social constructs say this item of clothing is really only for street walkers and loose women. Well, I am neither, and I wear fishnets. My husband doesn’t believe me, but I’m telling you, they do add a thin layer of warmth under pants. They also add nice texture to an outfit with an appropriate length hemline. The length of appropriateness is also socially constructed, but do as you will. Mine are always appropriate in my eyes, though my dear friends often point out that my lack of height makes almost anything appropriate.

Anyway, on to the fingernails. Around the time I got my acceptance letter to grad school (which is surprisingly coming up on 1 year ago), I decided I was going to start doing some of the “irresponsible” things graduate students could get away with. This included wearing jeans and t-shirts most days and painting my nails ridiculous colors. Like all things in life, I hate pastel colors on my nails. I’ll go from black to purple to green, and rarely are my nails without paint.

I figure my days are numbered with both fishnets and obnoxious colored finger nails. Eventually I’ll get a big-girl-grown-up-job where I can no longer get away with this sort of stuff, right? Or maybe not, and I’ll still be doing this at 50. Just in case, I’m living it up for now.  There you have it. Pretty much the long and the short list of the “irresponsible” grad school practices in which I take part.

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Posted by on January 26, 2012 in Grad School


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