Prayer Cards

10 Jan

Last semester I started off asking for prayer requests each week. I wrote them down and carried a note card with me as I walked to school. This lasted about two months. Then the craziness of the semester hit, and I started taking the bus to school. By the time the semester slowed down, it was cold and snowy, and I continued to take the bus to school. Prayer time on the bus gets cut to about a third of what it is when I walk. Well, next week starts another semester. I’m not feeling stressed (yet), I’ve acclimated fairly well to the weather, and we’ve since purchased more appropriate cold weather wear.  All this to say, I felt a burden to be praying again this week, and I want to pray for you. Prayer is something God knit very tightly in me. While I didn’t carry my prayer cards all last semester, I was often praying. I regularly pray when I get ready in the morning, walk, drive, sit in class, and when I disengage mentally from whatever book/article/internet site I am reading. Prayer is as natural to me as breathing. I don’t often think “I’m going to pray now”, but instead will notice that I’m praying after I’ve started. My relationship with God is at its best when I am regularly praying and in conversation with Him about my own life as well as the lives of those I love. It is a blessing to me to be allowed to intercede for you. How can I be praying for you in the next week? Let me know. It will go on my neon orange card. There’s always space for one more request.

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Posted by on January 10, 2012 in Christ-follower



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