Christmas Break Reading List

16 Dec

First, the responsible:

Product Details

Book professor for Spring class assigned for over break.

Product Details

Book that’s hopefully going to help assuage the amount of help I need with programming.

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Book to help me understand how race is/was formed in the US

Product Details

Book to remind me why I came here

Product Details

Book to help me understand what racism looks like today

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Book on racism one of my new friends really likes. This one very well might not get read though. It’s the first one to get cut if I run out of time.

Now the more fun:

Product Details Product Details Product Details

Books I already read for escapism to begin the break. Too bad they were utterly depressing. Good story though. I recommend reading them once, but you might need a hug after you read.

Product Details

Lastly, my big fun read of the break. I’m 250 pgs in, and it’s also pretty depressing. Hoping it gets better soon, or I may need to locate another book.

My reading list may seem really unbalanced, but Clash of Kings is significantly longer than all the other books I’ve read/am reading. Also, all but the first book listed are books I picked. No one is making me read them. If I decide I’m no longer interested, I’m allowed to put them down. Since husband is still working and not on vacation, I try to keep a regular schedule with him. For those of you thinking all I do is lay around and be lazy during break, remember who you’re talking to. Every day I assign myself some reading from the books that are making me smarter, plus I spend several hours a day working on two research projects that will hopefully lead to something fruitful. On top of that, I spend some time every day exercising, cleaning the house, and running miscellaneous errands so that when husband is off of work, we can just relax together. Man, I’m getting tired reading about all of that work! Time to enjoy some vacation and go play video games.

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