15 Dec

I have been incredibly blessed by the most amazing mentors for my entire life. The first people I really considered mentors were my pastor and his wife from back when I was a kid in late elementary school through most of high school. They, as a couple, poured into me in incredible ways. Most of my theological knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom and my place in it as a child of the King is due to their loving on me and teaching me all they could.

In high school, my chemistry teacher/drama director was also just one of the most amazing blessings I could possibly imagine. He and his wife are a major part of many of my best memories from high school. His encouragement is part of what lead me to include a math major in college, and that major is a significant part of why I am able to be in the program I’m in now. Learning from their life experiences taught me so much more about the world.

In college, an incredible woman took the extra time to answer all of my questions and do her part in molding me to become more like Christ. She really looked to grow me academically and spiritually. There have been times this semester that she was the only one I knew would truly understand what I was going through, and she’s been amazing to still take time to encourage me and spur me on.

Looking back over my life, these are some of the people for whom I am most thankful. God used them as instruments in my development and growth. I will forever be thankful for the part they played. There have been others along the way. Other older and wiser people who allowed me to benefit from their experience and wisdom. Of course there are also family and friends who have encouraged me on my journey.

I’m now in a much larger pond/lake/ocean. I go to a VERY large, secular university. Although I worked at a public school in California, this environment is much more secular. Another mentor has chosen to take me as his student. This time is different though. It’s this mentor’s job to mentor me. The mentors from my past did it for other reasons than part of a job description. This is not to discount the work my new mentor is doing. He is the reason I applied to come to this school. However, I will admit that learning to work for/with this mentor is vastly different from working for/with the mentors from my past. I appear to be in the big leagues now. It’s scary and exciting. I’m looking to understand more about what part God wants me to play in the grander picture here. I’ll let you know as I figure it out. For now, I’m just living my life as a child of God, always hoping that the way I live this life brings glory to and draws other toward the Father.

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Posted by on December 15, 2011 in Christ-follower, Grad School


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