Grad School Weekly Schedule

14 Dec

So, what does a week of grad school look like? Here’s how I roll it:


4:30-5: Answer e-mails & catch up on social media

5-6: Work/Prep for class

6-6:30: Shower

6:30-6:45: Visiting and praying with husband

6:45-7:45: Get dressed, pack lunch, work/prep for class

7:45-8:15: Travel to school. Catch up on social media on the way.

8:15-9: Work/Prep for class

9-11:30: Meetings/gym/class (depending on the day)

11:30-4: Work/Prep for class/Gym/Lab (depending on the day)

4-4:30: Travel home. Catch up on social media on the way.

4:30-8:30: Hanging out with husband & a smattering of activities including cleaning, cooking, running errands, watching TV, reading, walking the dog & occasionally more homework, but not often & not much

8:30-9: Leisure reading before bed

9: Lights out. If not before

So for these four days, I work about 9 hours a day.



4:30-12: Work/Prep for class

12-1: Shower & get ready to face the day

1-2: Lunch with husband

2-4:30: More Work/Prep for class

4:30-??Various hang out activities

10 hours of work on Friday



6-9: Work/Prep for class (sometimes)

Hang out and play the rest of the day

3 hours of work on Saturday



Church & rest all day


I hadn’t really counted it all up until now, but it looks like I work about 50 hours a week. When I say work/prep for class, that includes multiple activities: “teach” my on-line class, grade papers, read for my classes, complete assignments, write papers, write code, and research. Getting all of this done in 50 hours a week is not too bad at all. In fact, I would hardly call this much (if any) more than when I taught. However, we’ll see what happens next year. This year I am 25%, which means I have 1 job that is meant to take 10 hours a week. Next year I will be 50%, which means I will have two jobs. I’m sure getting up at 4:30 seems crazy to many most of you, but getting up this early helps me to be done with work by the time husband gets home around 4:30. I want grad school and all that comes with it, but I will not have it at the cost of my marriage. Occasionally I have to cut into “our” time to get something extra done, but since I try to protect our time together the vast majority of the time, I think it goes over ok.

I don’t know how other people do it, but this is how grad school works for me. I know many other people work late into the night instead of early morning, but after getting up so early to teach for six years, I’m just not good at staying up late anymore. I really strive for 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I’m no good if my working hours are spent distracted by being sleepy.

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