100 Day Challenge

30 Nov

In another effort to take better care of my body, I’m committing to complete the 100-day-challenge that husband has suggested many times, but I have always avoided. The challenge I am taking on is this:

Day 1: 1 push-up & 1 sit-up
Day 2: 2 push-ups & 2 sit-ups
Day 3: 3 push-ups & 3 sit-ups
Day 99: 99 push-ups & 99 sit-ups
Day 100: 100 push-ups & 100 sit-ups

Something to remember is that all of the push-ups and sit-ups do not have to be done all in one session. At the beginning, it’s easy, but as the days go on, I know I will not be able to do, say, 60 push-ups in one session. I just need to do them at some point that day. I may do 20 when I get up, 20 after class, and 20 before bed. If I miss a day, I need to make those up the next day. So if I miss day 20, on day 21, I need to do 41 push-ups and 41 sit-ups. Make sense? Want to join? I’m on Day 3 today. By the end, I will have completed 5050 push-ups and sit-ups. My goal is to do as many of my push-ups as straight, military, push-ups rather than the “girl” push-ups. It’s time for me to graduate from those–hopefully forever.

Ask me about this and keep me accountable! Christmas will be Day 28 and New Year’s Day 35. I foresee these as lazy days.


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4 responses to “100 Day Challenge

  1. wendeth77

    November 30, 2011 at 8:07 am

    this is awesome…….I like how you keep pushing yourselves and the accountability you make for one another (you and Michael). You are both a great examples.

    • jalzen

      November 30, 2011 at 10:25 am

      Thanks. Trying to figure out how to re-define my lifestyle while in graduate school.

  2. stee

    December 3, 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Ok first of all I have the same wp template for my website so I’m sure you must be brilliant since we share the same taste.

    Now as for the 100 day challenge, a few years ago I took on a 100 push up program I found online somewhere. It was a good workout. I grew up idolizing Hershel Walker and the bulk of his workouts his entire life are pushups & situps. Good luck to you in your endeavor.

    I’m sure you will knock it out!



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