18 Nov

There is a season. Turn, turn turn.–The Byrds

There is a season for everything–Ecclesiastes 3:1

Now that I live somewhere that actually experiences four very distinct seasons, these phrases mean a bit more to me. It was a slow and hot transition from summer to fall. Fall’s arrival was absolutely breathtaking. Sadly, fall appears to be a bit fleeting, and is currently battling with winter, whose full onset I expect in December. I’ve had a taste of winter and am excited to see how the new life of spring will burst up through the desolation that I anticipate months of snow and biting cold will bring.

I’ve meditated on the idea of seasons in my life a lot the last few months. God gave me the ability and granted me the opportunity to kick butt in grad school, and I think I’m winning. However, it comes at sacrifice in some other areas of my life and in one particular area that is close to my heart. There was a time in my life when I regularly worked out 4-5 times a week. The gym never scared me. It was a place I went to “pound it out” and “hit it.” I attacked my workouts aggressively. My goal was to be a firebreather. It was a great season in my life, and I loved it. I dream about that time often, and I wish I was there again.

BUT, that’s not the season God has me in right now. It is impossible for me to put that much time in the gym, complete my studies with excellence, spend time with my community in order to better glorify God, and honor my love to my partner in this life, Husband. As long as I am not desperately trying to fight off sickness and not drowning under the weight of hundreds of pages of reading, I fight for two days at the gym. This only leaves time for weight training. Crossfit is almost entirely a thing of the past. My body barely remembers what an explosive movement means, where previously that was all it knew. I hope to return to that point again. I loved how walking into the gym felt in those days.

In order to save time traveling to the gym, I chose to do a standard crossfit workout at home today. Death by Burpees and I met after several months without burpees. There is a continuously running clock. During the first minute you do 1 burpee, during minute 2, you do 2 burpees, and so on until you cannot complete the allotted number of burpees within one minute. I made it to 12 minutes. I might have barely made 13, but I couldn’t breathe. 78 burpees total in 12 minutes. Not terrible, but not as good as I would have done previously.

In reflecting on this workout, a couple of things come to mind. I could squeeze in a third workout on occasion if I REALLY wanted to. More than that is not really feasible, but something that takes less than 20 minutes and can be done at home is doable on occasion. Before we left California, I made work out cards for the people we used to work out with. Nearly all of them were body weight workouts that could be done at home. I’ll be digging those out. Also, it’s ok that I’m not a firebreather in the gym. I’m doing what is needed to be healthy. My diet is in line most of the time, and I am pushing my max weights on all of my lifts at the gym. If I was crossfitting all the time, I would be sad at the loss to my weightlifing numbers.

This is the last season of my life to enjoy the life of a student. I will embrace it wholeheartedly. Sure it means that on some mornings I’m up at 4:30 trying to make sense of learning theory, but it also means that on Fridays I’m still in my pajamas at 10:30 and will leave the house to meet my husband for lunch and go to a movie with a new friend. These are luxuries I will only have for a brief season, and for that, I am thankful.

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