Random Updates

30 Oct

School: Everything takes longer than expected. There are few things that are hard. Most of it is just time consuming. Also, meetings. Lots of them. Meetings take up so much time and typically lead to more work, but they are fascinating. I want more time to sit and just talk about things with people. I’m thinking about things in new ways–ways that I’ve never considered before. And thinking about all kinds of stuff: how I grew up, how my parents grew up, classrooms, student life–just so much. I love this part of grad school.

Work: I’m starting a new project tomorrow with my advisor. I’m excited and a little nervous. It’s regarding some research I’m really interested in. It’s also the first time I’ll really be working for my advisor, so we’re establishing how we’ll work together for the next few years. Husband is starting to get into the groove with his work. It seems like such a great fit for him. We are very thankful. There’s a gym in the basement he can use at lunch! He even has his own name placard outside his cubicle!

Church: We’re still going to the same big church about 30 minutes away. It’s not home yet, but we’re still giving it time. Sandals wasn’t really home until we really got involved and started meeting new people. We’ve talked about joining a small group, but I’m not ready for that at this point. Am still trying to use my commute time to pray and keep focused. Am so thankful for my support network that I try to give back to them in the same way I know they support me.

Colorado: Is wonderful. We had our first snow last Wednesday and another is expected this Wednesday. Realized that I do not have waterproof shoes that are acceptable for walking in snow. We got me some wicked rain boots today for $15! Hopefully at the end of the season we can get me some real snow boots when things are on sale. This warm winter clothing is expensive! This was our front yard.


Paleo/Working out: Have been putting in a lot of hours working and not getting a lot of rest. Every time I went to the gym I came home feeling like I was about to get sick. Took this last week off and still feel exhausted. We’ll see if I make it in this week or not. We’re going snowboarding on Saturday, so that will definitely count as a workout. Been doing pretty well on the strict paleo. I’m sure I’m losing muscle mass from not going to the gym. However, my weight and measurements are down to the smallest they were at the height of our original strictness.

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