Fieldnotes Attempt 5: Alone in the garden

22 Oct

When I got to the garden yesterday the place was completely empty. I had just interviewed the program director on Monday, so I didn’t think the program had ended yet. Eventually I found one of the interns who said that the farmer was running late. I was concerned that there were no kids present. I had intended to just sit and take good fielnotes for an hour or so, but it appeared the workers were going to be very few. I turned out to be as such. Two students stayed for about 20 minutes. Then there were three other students who worked the whole time, along with me, the farmer, and two interns. Not a lot to report this week because we were spread out all over the place trying to get work done. Still a good way to give back to my community and do some homework, so it was a good use of an afternoon. I’ll be missing the next two weeks for a conference and fun shopping day, and then only two more harvests before the end of the farmer’s market!

This experience made me think of “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” It’s the end of the growing season, so there is not abundant produce to be easily gathered at this point. You have to really look and reach for the good remaining fruit and vegetables. Some plants have all but died, and others are producing very small fruit, but there is still fruit nonetheless. Now that I’ve really sort of farmed these past few weeks, many of those stories that Jesus told have new meaning to me.

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Posted by on October 22, 2011 in Christ-follower, Fieldnotes Journal


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