I Used a Pitchfork Today: Fieldnotes Round 3

30 Sep

Today I went to the youth community garden that provides the produce for the booth at the farmer’s market I’ve been visiting. It was a pretty cool experience. I packaged basil, beets, and carrots. I also used a pitchfork for the first time to loosen the ground for the students to harvest carrots. There were about 12 students there. Four appeared to be minorities of varying groups. There is also definitely diversity in the personalities among the students. This is significant because I’m looking at white oppression/white power/issues of affluence in the local food movement. From what I understand, this organization works to be diverse in its hiring practices and support low-income families with their produce. I am definitely not used to working in a garden, as I didn’t recognize any of the vegetables when they were still in the ground My arms are covered in scratches, bug bites, and a rash from some of the weeds. Regardless, I had a good time, and think I will enjoy spending some time volunteering there. They only harvest into November, so I won’t be doing it for long. Hopefully long enough to build some relationships as I’ll be working on this research project through at least May. I need to keep reading research and identify questions for interviews I will need to conduce in the next two months. I’ll be interviewing the volunteer coordinator for sure and perhaps the farm manager. Not sure if I will be able to interview students as our IRB doesn’t mention them at this point.

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Posted by on September 30, 2011 in Fieldnotes Journal


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