Field notes Round 2

24 Sep

Went back to the Farmer’s Market today for some more field notes. Observed in the same booth as last week. This time I asked if I could just sit in the back and watch for about an hour. One of the gals running the booth is also in grad school, so she totally understood what I needed. I sat quietly in the back of the booth watching everything for about an hour. It was interesting to get this view of what was going on.

The grad student working in the booth was really helpful to customers regarding what to do with different items they were selling. I observed her tell several people what to do with honeycomb and gave ideas to a couple people about how to cook chard and kale. The student was very quiet, but worked well with the people. He handled most of the money exchange.

The organization prides itself on working with young people from diverse groups and helping people in need. I’m interested to get more involved with the organization itself. I will hopefully go to the farm they cultivate sometime in the next month or so and volunteer to see more of the ins and outs of the program. I’ve been reading a lot of literature about the fact that there are many places where people from certain ethnic groups or people from lower economic classes do not have access or choose not to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m interested to see how this plays out in this organization.

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