Angie & Working Out in Boulder

18 Aug

100 pull-ups (assisted)
100 push-ups (girls)
100 sit-ups
100 squats


This was our first CrossFit workout here in Boulder. It didn’t go so well. 23 minutes is quite a long time for a CF work out. Most are sub 20, and our cutoff time is often 30 minutes. I haven’t noticed huge problems with my cardio in the elevation, but we haven’t tried a serious metcon yet. However, my muscles definitely feel that couple of weeks I took off to play before moving. What held me back on this workout was not heart rate, but rather muscle failure. Regardless, I’m glad I got two work outs and a “run” in this week already. Not sure there will be time for much more with orientation on Friday.

We’ve also been trying to walk the dog more regularly. My plan to walk to school three times a week also gets me up and moving more than I was previously. Hopefully it all gets settled into a good routine soon. Planning on running the Bolder Boulder in May, and I’ve never run 10k. Lots of training to happen!

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